Elysium Servers Hosting

We specialize in premium hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS and WordPress Dedicated services.


Our services are ideal for anyone who is serious about performance.  Our range of products will allow you to select the service that best fit your needs.


Runs on dedicated servers without a cloud structure and we carefully monitor all our resources for optimal usage patterns.


We will help you setup, fix and diagnose problems with your plugins and sites. We are developers ourselves and we are commited to helping our customers. Support is included in all our plans with no additional charge.


Not being connected to any cloud structure, there are less security issues to deal with. On top of that we constantly monitor each of our servers in order to maintain a clean enviroment. Your security is our top priority.


Each server maximizes performance for the group of users assigned. Our shared hosting uses CloudLinux to regulate resources while our WP Dedicated services gives you the full control of the server.

Power in Simplicity

We believe in the concept that a powerful service should not be complex to handle. All of our services comes with the best and more powerful control panels available.  

For our Shared Hosting we use the latest version of cPanel with strict security rules. 

Our WordPress Dedicated service comes with Plesk Onyx running natively on nginx and PHP7.2 

Our VPS services are handled by Virtualizor the leading control panel & VPS software for Virtual Hosting Management.

Powerful Control Panels

Powered by cPanel, Plesk & Virtualizor. Our services has the most powerful and easy to use control panels in the market.

Free Instant SSL

Our Shared Webshoting and WordPress dedicated services offer 1-click instant Let’s Encrypt support with no additional configuration or plugin requirements.

Check out our exclusive WP Dedicated Website !

Our Servers

Our servers are hosted on a secure and high efficiency data center located in Lenoir, North Carolina, USA. The facility meets the most stringent industry compliance requirements including HIPAA, SSAE 16, PCI-DSS, and ISO 9001 & 27001. Bandwidth is provided by major Tier 1 carriers and diverse fiber operators.