Shared Webhosting

Our Webhosting service runs on Dedicated Servers with RAID10 disk configurations, not only that, we do 2-stages of automated backups on all accounts, one local and one remotely. You can even  manage the auto-backup sesions from within cPanel itself. We use the superb Jetbackup software.

Our cPanel services are updated constantly to prevent security problems, we use PHP7 and provide you with a MultiPHP selector in case you need it.

All our plans includes resources that are carefully monitored through CloudLinux.   CloudLinux is a wonderful piece of tecnology that will regulate resources to prevent overuse,  that means nobody in the same server is allowed create trouble.  As CloudLinux is a very secured piece of technology, each customer is caged into it’s own filesystem, preventing the whole system against breaches.  Your files are secured from hacks. Our cPanel users can also enjoy 1-click Let’s Encrypt support.

Our Plans